There are many ways to help us

It costs us more to run C..L.A.W.S than the income we get, which comes mainly from donations. 

We also receive some assistance from Animal Welfare when we accept cats and kittens they have brought to us. 

Last year we homes about 700 animals, of which about 400 had come to us via Animal Welfare, the rest were brought us by  colony feeders or the general public. 

It costs about € 100  to raise a kitten from birth to adoption. if nothing at all goes wrong.  Sometimes our rescues need extensive help so costs can be many times that for one individual cat.  Our goal is to provide assistance to all animals that need us. 

We also run individual fundraising campaigns for kittens when they need special help. 







 You can send us money via SMS  using the following codes.


Goods In Kind

We  are constantly in need of kitten and cat food to feed our animals , many of whom are offsite at fosterer’s homes.  Feel free to come say hello at C.L.A.W.S  to see some of  the kittens and drop off food that we can distribute to our volunteers .

We are always in need of the following :  

Mother and Baby  wet and dry food.

Specialist Kitten food  any variety .

Gastroinstestinal food wet and dry, kitten and adult .

Felix cat food.

other ways



We need individuals who can take our animals to be neutered , delivering them back to one of our fosterer’s . If you can help, please contact us and we can explain the process.

Promote C.L.A.W.S

Help us to become a charity of choice for your workplace giving schemes.


Sponsor a fundraiser

Become part of the C.L.A.W.S community by sponsoring an event to raise funds for us. We will discuss separately how we can help you.


Sponsor a kitty

Perhaps you love cats but its not the right time for you to actually have one at home. You can sponsor a kitten,. For € 25,00 Eur, you can name one of our new borns and provide enough cash to raise it to the point that it is ready to be adopted.


Leave a Legacy

Make a note of the charity name, address and registered charity number and include those details in your will. 

Contact Name:  Antonella Saliba 

Charity name C.L.A.W.S Malta 

Address 17,Triq is-Sikka ,  Baha IC Cahaq Nazzar , Northern Region,  Malta

Charity Number .  Registered Voluntary Organisation V/01473

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Send us a messege to get involved

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