What can I do if I find an injured or seriously unwell cat

If you find a cat that has been involved in a road accident  or is injured or is clearly unwell, for example has infected wounds, then the priority is to obtain veterinary care asap.

Advice on what to do will differ depending on where you are, what you can put the cat in, if you have transport, how mobile the cat is, etc.

If the cat is still lying in a road you will need to carefully move the cat out of the road to prevent further injury. Try and enlist the help of any passers-by who may be able to knock on any immediate doors to try and locate an owner or obtain more help whilst you stay with the cat.

Your options are: 

If you are near a vets to take the cat there. If a passer-by or local resident will assist you then it may be possible to borrow a cat carrying basket from the vets or a neighbouring house to move the cat in. 

The vets should provide emergency treatment at no cost before passing the cat on to Animal Welfare or an animal charity such as ourselves  to continue treatment and await hopefully being reunited with an owner.