Tenancy/rental issues

Before deciding to adopt a cat you should think about not just today but the longer term : 

When initially adopting, it is essential to ensure that permission has been obtained for your current accommodation.

You should also think about any future moves.   A pet is for life and extra effort needs to be put in to secure suitable accommodation that will allow pets if you move to another rented home. 

You may find that pet ownership limits your future choice of properties.  Your cat is a member of your family, if it is a choice between taking a particular property or one which you like less but which accepts pets,  you should be clear in your own mind that you will ALWAYS choose the one that accepts pets. 

Private landlords

Many private landlords  have  ‘no pets’ rules  so check with your landlord before you start to look .

Be prepared that the landlord may require an additional deposit to cover potential damage.