Behavioral Problems

When you signed the adoption papers, you also agreed to be responsible for the wellbeing and care of the cat.   C.L.A.W.S is very clear that in the very early days, if the cat doesn’t settle – for example because it does not get on with other family pets, or simply will not settle, then we will take the cat back and rehome with a different family if possible. 

Over time the cat has become a member of your family and like any other member of the family may develop health or behavioural problems.  

In these circumstances we will do our best to refer you to appropriate resources that will enable you to keep the animal.  

Leaving the island

If you are concerned about the ability to take your pet with you on leaving the island, then we can refer you to a vet that can ensure that your animal has the necessary vaccination certificates.  Just as you would not leave a child behind, neither should you consider leaving your pet behind! 


 If your request is high priority, e.g. imminent eviction, death of owner and no one to care for the cat, we will try to accommodate the cat or alternatively suggest other sources of help. 

Adoption from Claws

 If you originally adopted your cat from CLAWS then they must be returned to us in accordance with the terms and conditions of the adoption, see the link below 

If we are given some notice of the need to rehome the cats, we can attempt to rehome cats directly from you to a new home by advertising them on our website and social media and by using the contacts that you yourself have provided to us  – this is preferable to just readmitting them since it is less stressful and disruptive to the cats.

Other rescued cats

 If you adopted your cat from another animal charity please contact them first – it is standard practice for animal charities to insist on taking cats back again that they have previously homed. 

Pets needing a new home

Everyday we receive calls about owned cats which need new homes for a variety of reasons. 

If your pet was originally adopted from C.L.A.W.S, then by law you must involve us in the rehoming process as set out above. 

Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible for C.L.A.W.S to take in every cat that we are asked to help with .  We simply do not have the capacity to do so. 

We may be able to assist by advertising your cat as being in need of a new home on our website/ social media. In which case, if we receive a suitable offer of a home, we would carry out a pre-adoption assessment to be clear that the home and owner is suitable and to provide the potential new owner with any advice they require about settling in or caring for a new cat / kitten{s)  Such new owner would be requested to sign adoption papers for each animal provided by C.L.A.W.S  

Whether your cat was originally provided by C.L.A.W.S or not, and we have agreed that we will try to help, then we request that you also assist us in finding a suitable new home for your pet, ideally so that your pet can be moved directly between your home and its new home after C.L.A.W.S has carried out the necessary checks of the new owner and agreed adoption papers for that owner. 

Remember that C.L.A.W.S  is also acting for many cats and kittens who have no-one to champion their cause and as such if we rehome independently of you, that is taking a place away from another deserving animal. 

In that regard, if you wish to notify us of a need to rehome your pet, then please carry out the following steps and be prepared to let C.L.A.W.S have contact details of any proposed new owners at the time that you contact C.L.A.W.S for help.

Ask your own contacts: 

Most people feel happier if their pet is rehomed to someone they already know, family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.  These people are also most likely to accept a cat being rehomed from you as well.

Advertise for a home via your local vet’s waiting room. 

If you need to rehome your cat because of a change in your personal circumstances, e.g. moving to somewhere that doesn’t allow pets or change in working hours etc, then we will advise you how you can seek a suitable new home for your cat yourself. It will be better for your cat to be rehomed directly from you to a new home without a potentially stressful stay in a rescue centre in the middle.

Use Maltese social media specialist cat adoption site.    However be very wary and make sure you have carried proper checks 

Make sure a new owner knows that your cat must be kept completely indoors for the first month before being allowed access to outdoors to ensure that he/she is well settled.