I am concerned about the welfare of a neighbour’s cat (e.g. neglected / breeding too much

If you have concerns about the welfare of a neighbour’s cat for whatever reason, you can approach Animal Welfare in confidence.  They in turn may ask us to assist them in resolving the situation, which can arise more from a lack of knowledge or personal difficulties rather than deliberate cruelty. 

We are always ready to listen to your concerns and ensure that you get the right numbers to call if necessary 

I have too many cats, can you help?

 Cats breed extremely quickly and owners can get caught out by this, whether that is yourself or a neighbour. 

In extreme cases, the end result of not neutering cats quickly enough can lead to very large numbers of cats overrunning the house.  

Once the problem is recognized it can be tackled through a program of neutering, chipping and rehoming if necessary. 

If you need to discuss this, then feel free to give us a call, and we will try to help you get the problem resolved.