Keep an open mind

C.L.A.W.S will try to  help all animals that come under its care to find a suitable home. 

We are almost always full to capacity, with cats and kittens. 

This will include ” harder to home ” animals , for example those that lost a limb, or an eye, or maybe blind,  older cats that have lost their owners through bereavement,  some that require slightly more time and attention to become settled in their new homes. 

So when thinking about taking a cat or kitten, please give consideration to those who may be harder to home or even may simply  not have quite so popular colors.  

They all deserve love. 

Contacting us

Please bear in mind that C.L.A.W.S is staffed entirely by volunteers who work during the day , so it is not always possible to answer your call immediately.   If for any reason you cannot get through to us, then please post a message on our facebook page which is actively monitored. 

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Things we look for in a home for our charges

When you first contact C.L.A.W.S  we will ask you a number of questions about your personal circumstances.  These are not designed to be intrusive, but to help us identify what kind of cat/ kitten might be most suitable for you. 

These include :

Your living circumstances :  are you settled in Malta, and if not do you recognize that you will need to make arrangements to take your pet with you to your new home

Working circumstances :    how much time will there be people in the home – for example it may be more suitable to organize the adoption of  two animals instead of one if you are out working. 

* It is almost always best to home kittens in pairs  as they can then play with each other 

Your experience with animals :   some cats/ kittens will need more attention than others,  we can help you understand what is involved in adoption

Your family circumstances :  will there be children or elderly parents in the home who can spend quality time with your pet if you yourself are working outside the home.  

Where will your pet be kept :   in the extreme heat of Maltese summers it is important that your pet will have access to somewhere cool. 

Keeping your pet safe:   Malta is a dangerous place for pets outdoors, especially in towns with heavy traffic.  Generally we prefer owners to keep their pets inside, ideally there may be access to an ” indoor”   patio, or well protected balcony

Are you prepared for vet bills:   Hopefully your pet will remain healthy, however like humans they can develop illnesses which can cost money to sort out and in any event once the initial schedule of vaccinations , de-worming and de-fleeing have been completed you should prepare for an annual check up to the vet which can then include vaccinations according to the schedule recommended by your vet. 

What if the time isn’t right for you?

It may be that you adore cats but after consideration of all the factors involved you have decided that the time is not quite right for you to adopt.  

There are other ways we can help you become involved check out our ideas here.

You have questions yourself

You may want to find out more about what is involved before making a decision we have identified some of the most common issues here.