Help me and share my profile, so I get more chances to find a loving home.


Help me and share my profile, so I get more chances to find a loving home.

🐈🏠 Adopt Fred and Ginger, the dynamic duo of cats! 🐈🏠

At C.L.A.W.S, we’re excited to introduce you to Fred and Gingi, two neutered cats who need a loving home together. While they have their own unique challenges, they make a great team and are looking for someone special to take them both in.

Here’s what you need to know about Fred and Gingi:

🐈 Fred is an older cat who is currently being treated for FIP. He’s not the most friendly cat, but with a little patience and understanding, he’s getting better all the time. He’ll be going into observation soon and can be rehomed by the right adopter.

🐈 Gingi is a lovely dilute ginger cat who is FIV positive. It’s important to note that she is a carrier of FIV, not sick with FIV. She can live a happy and healthy life with the right care and environment. While she’s been with us, she’s also had surgery for a prolapse which looks to have been a success. She’s very friendly and lovesΒ toΒ cuddle.

Can’t adopt right now? Consider making a donation to C.L.A.W.S to help us care for Fred, Gingi, and other cats in need. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate your support.

And Help Us To Support FRED & GINGI

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